Our Natural Full Lace Wigs

your full natural and remy hair

Our "full lace" natural women's wigs are exclusively made of 100% natural hair: the hair is implanted one by one on an ultra-thin and flexible net and cap, they can be adjusted. Wigs called "full lace" are fragile

They should be maintained with the utmost care. we sell adapted shampoos and masks as well as a spray to fortify knots

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The installation can be done yourself but it requires a little patience and dexterity, however we can only advise you to have them installed by a professional.

The pose will strongly depend on the natural look of your new hair as well as its lifespan!

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Glued laying

In the case of natural hair lace wigs to be glued (as is the case on our website), the choice of glue is very important.

One person's skin will react differently to the glue depending on the type of product purchased because the interactions with the skin will not be the same as with another person. Mèches For You can only advise you to test different glues until you find the one that suits you best.

The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Your hair must be dry and clean before putting on your lace wig. Braid your hair by clearing the contours and so that they are as flattened as possible. Try the lace wig to make sure that the contours made are sufficient for its pose. Cut the lace or tulle to the desired length, be sure to leave at least half a centimeter around the hair.
  • Then cleanse the base of your scalp with alcohol or any other treatment you are used to using and let it penetrate.

  • Apply the glue along the contour of the scalp and let it dry for 5 minutes. To find out if the glue has dried enough, tap it with a finger, it shouldn't make threads. Be careful not to get glue on your hair! Indeed, the glue would cover them completely and the hair could break.
  • Lay the full lace wig from the front, pressing lightly with your fingers where you put the glue. You must let the glue dry for a good hour before styling and avoid wetting the lace wig for at least 1 day. If the lace wig does not hold enough, it may be necessary to add a new layer of glue.
  • A glued lace can be worn for up to 3 weeks.

Installation without glue

It is made possible thanks to the use of elastics at the neck and / or at the level of the ears in order to tighten the lace wig.

This type of pose is also sometimes accompanied by small barrettes that are fixed in your hair to ensure better support.

The steps to follow for the installation are the same as before without taking into account the mentions relating to the glue.

The main advantage of this type of installation is to allow the wig to be removed and put back very easily, especially when you do not want to wear it daily.

Caring for your natural hair lace wig

It is important to take care of your Brazilian natural hair lace wig in order to optimize its lifespan and always keep its natural look.

In anticipation of the night

Before going to bed, spray your hair with a moisturizer/detangler (do not use greasy products) but wait until it dries. Better to avoid going to bed with damp hair.

Simply sleep with a soft scarf (silk for example) over your hair to protect your full lace wig . It is a must right after laying for the first 2 or 3 nights and highly recommended thereafter.

This keeps the hair in place, protects it and doesn't tangle it too much overnight. Brushing is always a risky operation, it is better to do everything to limit it as much as possible!

The morning

If no moisturizer/detangler has been applied before bedtime (do not use greasy products), it must be done at that time and brush the hair once dry very carefully so as not to pull too much on the lace wig .

Brushing is detailed in the next paragraph.

If a treatment and a mat have been done before bedtime, the mat is enough to be undone and the hair sometimes simply requires the passage of the hand to be brushed.


Brushing or combing them too frequently or violently should be avoided as much as possible in order to best optimize the life of your lace wigs.

You have to start brushing with the tips in order to undo any knots and go up gradually so as not to attack the natural hair and not to pull too much on the lace wig.

Wash your natural lace wig

Your own hair, like your lace, requires regular maintenance, including shampoo. You have to do one every seven to ten days to properly maintain your natural hair lace wig

The ideal in order not to attack the hair is to do it with cold water or at least with lukewarm water because hot water dries out the hair.

  • Remove your lace wig and brush it dry to detangle it.
  • Fill your sink or a basin with lukewarm or even cold water, put a mild shampoo in it and lather as much as possible.
  • Immerse your lace wig in water and dip it several times without rubbing it. You can untangle it with your fingers between 2 soaks but do not brush it. Then let it soak for about 2 minutes.
  • Rinse your lace with lukewarm water. To dry it, wrap it in a cloth and press with your hands to remove excess water, but do not rub it. Then let it air dry (the hair dryer attacks the hair because of the heat).

When to remove my lace wig Remy Hair

Know when to remove your natural hair lace wig

Over time, your hair will grow. The consequence of this growth is that the braids or pigtails made with your own hair will relax. Plus, brushing also tends to loosen your tresses.

A human hair lace wig can be worn for up to 3 weeks. However, in the case of a glued installation, it is advisable to remove it and shampoo it every seven to ten days.

How to have them removed?

Lace wigs are very easy to remove.

  • Glued laying
    A solvent suitable for the type of glue used must be used. The operation must be done slowly in order to best preserve your natural hair wig . We advise you to apply the solvent using a compress. Indeed, cotton tends to leave fibers on the cap of the lace or even at the root of your own hair.

    You simply have to soak the glued contours with the solvent and leave to act so that the glue melts.
    The lace wig Remy Hair can then be removed either by pushing it or by gently lifting it with a comb. Do not insist too strongly, if it does not come off easily, it is necessary to add solvent.

  • Installation without glue
    Removing this type of product is very simple since all you have to do is release the rubber bands and remove the natural hair wig.

Lace wigs in natural Remy Hair: what care?

  • It is necessary to make a shampoo, a mask and a care.
  • Brush your natural hair lace wig well and shampoo as indicated in the Shampoo paragraph.

  • Rinse it thoroughly.
  • Once dry, spray on a detangling/moisturizing treatment and store it in a plastic box or even individually in plastic bags.

Your natural hair lace wig is then ready to be used again.

And my real hair then?

After having natural hair extensions removed, a good treatment session for your hair is essential!

An example of treatment:

  • Bath with coconut oil or essential oils and sleep with it if possible
  • In the morning: shampoo by lathering abundantly and leave on for at least 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly
  • Mayonnaise mask to keep as long as possible (several hours being ideal)