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Hair closures are added to the top or sides of your hair and can be parted to any side after you put it in
The benefits of using alexy hair closures are that they always look realistic and made with the finest hair.
they are always arranged with baby hair on the front for an ever more natural effect
closures cause minimal or no damage to your natural hair and are therefore a safe addition.

The most conventional way to install a lace closure is to sew or glue it. Not everyone is familiar with closures

First, lay the closure over your braids and line it up with the hairline.
This way you will know how much extra lace needs to be cut. Then use hair clips to pin the lace closure before sewing it.

Next, trim the extra lace, being careful not to cut too close to the hairline.
Then continue sewing the closure to the braids.

Be sure to sew the closure firmly and flat. If it's loose, it won't be right.
Always check and make sure the closure does not twist while you sew it.

Finally, do any finishing touches that help blend the closure better in the front.
you can put a little makeup to camouflage the lace or net that would appear on the front
you can choose different style from our website
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