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Guide to wig sizes and structures

The purchase of a wig or hair accessory made from 100% natural hair

may seem difficult because a few questions arise especially with regard to the structure.

How to choose an Alexy Hair wig?

  • Size
  • Use
  • Structure
  • Quality
  • Specificity
There are notable differences, here we will guide you so that you can make the best choice.
The size
Measure the size of your head and to record it, please refer to our references
What will your wig be used for?
Daily, occasional, medical? If medical do you have hair to hide under the cap or not?
Knowing the use allows us with our experience to best determine the structure of the cap as well as the quality.
contact us if you need help with your choice
Someone who wears a wig every day needs long-lasting top quality and a cap structure that is totally comfortable. With this quality called "Virgin" or "Raw" the wigs can last from 1 to 3 years
A person in treatment will prefer a secure and comfortable wig, natural looking close to their usual look but will not have the same requirements in terms of grade because the wig is only for a defined period. So we need to know that.
Currently we offer a wide variety of hair origins: Brazilian, Indian, Cambodian, Mongolian, Asian, Indonesian, Russian… These origins have a direct impact on the quality, durability, coloring and finally the cost. Our origins are mentioned on the site.

The structure is the mounting of the hair on the cap and the construction of the cap.
There are very secure structures with optimum support, those with a total illusion of natural hair, structures for people with alopecia or patients undergoing medical treatment and structures for people with very fine hair and those for thicker hair. thick. The choice of the quality of the cap is one of the essential elements because it will determine the comfort you will obtain as well as the more or less fine finishes. Depending on whether or not you have hair under your cap, there will be clips or other fastening methods to be defined.

All of our hair is 100% natural.
As with jewelry, fabrics or other raw materials, hair types have their own quality grade. We offer you the best quality, but the choice of density and origin of the hair will determine the final look of your wig.
The densities are expressed in %:
110% light density for very fine hair for those who want very little volume and density
130% normal density suitable for all types
150 thick density for those who want a generous volume
180% for a total glamorous look
200% very high quality and price in relation to a volume of diva!
Let us know your requests as precisely as possible, we will give you the best advice.
Attention, in order to make sure that the model meets your expectations, the completion times can be more or less long. We will tell you this item.


Hair size guide