Full Lace Wigs by Alexy Hair

What is a full lace wig?

Full lace wigs are not only for hair-loss sufferers. Today, the wig has broken through into mainstream fashion with celebrities from Beyonce to Taylor Swift sporting a full head of hair, thanks to a little help. Whether you suffer from hereditary baldness, have thinning hair, or simply want to try something new, lace wigs provide a natural-looking head of hair for any woman.

Lace Wigs offer the most natural appearance at every angle. They feature hand-tied hair fibers in a poly-silk mesh base at either the front of the wig, or from front to back, creating an undetectable and seamless hairline. Part them in any direction for the ultimate in styling versatility and realism in a wig.


The first questions potential wig wearers ask is how long their wigs last and how long they can wear the wigs between the re-application of adhesive. The durability of a full lace wig depends largely on how well it is cared for. Beyond care, the adhesives used and the wearer's unique body chemistry factor into how long a wig can be worn. Women with hair loss or baldness are able to wear their wigs longer since the adhesive tends to stick better. Generally, headpieces can be worn for two to three weeks at a time before needing to be removed and adhesive re-applied.

Your Full Lace Wig Cap Style

Full lace wigs come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. The first step in choosing a wig is deciding on the cap style and color you want. Full lace cap styles largely depend on the wig you get, and most providers offer instructions on which style to opt for. Ask your provider for specific guidelines about which cap works best with your wig. When it comes to choosing the color of your wig cap, opt for the color closest to your scalp's skin tone.

Cap Color

Skin Tone Color


White, off-white, or cream skin tone


Light beige or beige skin tone

Light Brown

Light brown skin tone

Dark Brown

dark brown skin tone

For the most-natural look during styling, examine your scalp's hairline to determine your scalp skin tone color and work from that; do not use the skin tone of the rest of your body.

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Caring for Your Full Lace Wig

Wig health and durability depends on proper wig care. Caring for your lace wig starts with purchasing a wig stand to store your wig on when not in use or during washings. A wig stand keeps the wig's shape looking brand new and natural.

To clean the hair, you need two shampoo and conditioner. Let the wig dry on a wig stand. Once completely dry, you can style it with hair dryer or iron or other