How to choose the perfect wig

Buying a wig or hair extensions may seem a little overwhelming at first as you may have many questions regarding the following aspects. So what should you be paying attention to?

  • size
  • Type of use
  • Structure
  • Quality grade
  • Specific requests

Each aspect can come in several options. Here is our advice to help you chose the wig that will fit you perfectly.

How to use the wig size guide

Measure your head as shown in our guide. You can access the custom wig order form in order to check the guide out

Intended use of the wig

How often do you plan on wearing your wig?

Do you need a medical wig or just a wig for daily use or even occasional use?

If you need a wig for medical reasons, do you still have hair to cover under the wig or not?

By letting us know your needs, you enable us to provide you with the best advice and choice of quality and structure.

Wigs intended for daily use require a careful choice of the structure so you are comfortable. Hair quality is also important as it helps your wig last longer. “Virgin” and “Raw” hair grades are both higher end quality hair and will last from 1 to 3 years.

Medical wigs are usually suited for people who need to make up for a partial loss of hair over a specific period of time. These wigs are perfect for a natural look and help boost your confidence. Comfort and structure are the most important thing to look at when shopping for medical use.

Alexy Hair is always seeking the best hair around the globe and is able to offer a wide variety of quality hair: Brazilian, Indian, Cambodian, Mongolian, Indonesian and even Russian.

Each hair comes with a different quality grade, durability and reacts differently to coloration which impacts the end price of your wig.


The structure defines the style of cap and how the hair is mounted on the cap. Various options are available depending on what is the main focus:

  • Support,
  • Natural look,
  • alopecia-compatible
  • extra-thin
  • thick hair

Picking the right cap is essential as it will define your level of comfort as well as the type of straps you might need.

We can assist you in choosing the right cap but you are welcome to pick any of the available solutions if you already have a preference.

Full lace:

Ideal for an invisible look… but not recommended for people with thin hair or no hair at all.

Front lace

Perfect for people wanting a high volume of hair while having a natural front look. Setup can be more challenging on thin hair or hairless people.

Monofilament :

Ideal for women with thin hair or no hair. Great quality structure for maximum support and comfort.

Mono wig :

Easy to set up and ideal for occasional use.

Each hair option available is carefully sourced and is 100% natural human hair. Like any other raw material, hair comes in various grades of quality and Alexy Hair takes pride in selecting only the best options for you!

Ultimately, the look of your wig will be largely influenced by the origin of the hair and the density you pick.

Hair density guide for wigs:

110% Light density for women with thin hair. Ideal for low volume look.

130% Standard density. Works for anyone.

150 Thick density for women wanting a generous volume

180% High volume hair for a glamourous look!

200% Highest quality grade available: Only for the Divas! Are you one of them?

Specific requests

Any specific request in mind? Feel free to reach out or provide us with instructions when you submit your custom order form. We’ll get in touch with you to accommodate your needs.


Please note that our handling time may vary significantly based on your requests: quality is our main focus and we want you to LOVE your new wig!